Workshop: Image Editing for Beginners

My current company is pretty big on internal training. I developed this course on Gimp to teach my colleagues about the differences in file formats, and basic image editing. It also includes a teaser for Inkscape and vector graphics. I’ve taught the course 4 times with attendees from all different roles, from software developer to chef. I received rave reviews for my teaching style and the course content, with an average rating for 3.8 out of 4.
The workshop is about 2 hours long. I start with a lecture on image file types, including color, transparency, and image quality due to compression method. Then I lead step-by-step demos using Gimp and provide time for attendees to practice the techniques on their own images. I wrap it up by discussing resolution as it related to images viewed on screen and images that will be printed.

I’ve uploaded all the class materials on


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