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In 2018, I joined the project team at Ag Leader Technology to implement Salesforce Service Cloud, Knowledge, and Community Cloud. If you are interested in my Salesforce expertise, please view my Trailhead profile.

About Me

My career thus far has wandered across multiple industries and job roles: Academia and Organic Chemistry, Software Quality Assurance in Healthcare, and Instructional Design in Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing. The common threads throughout have been a curiosity in how we humans learn, what guides and modifies our behaviors, and how do we interact with technology in our lives. With a fascination in technology and behavioral psychology, it doesn’t seem surprising that I am now focused on pursuing a career in User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture.

I originally started out with a desire to understand how we learn in the classroom setting, and how best to teach traditional students. Then I moved into instructional design and developed ways for adult learners to lead themselves through guided inquiry lessons–in the absence of an instructor–and saw the power that performance support job aids can have when used at the moment of need. This led me to wonder about ways to embed the performance support within the task environment itself. The task a user must complete is designed so clearly, with in-context support, that no outside job aid or classroom training is necessary. To me, UX is not about how attractive a website or screen is, it’s whether the user *knows* enough to complete the task, and if not, how do we provide the knowledge in such a way that they can readily access it.

As businesses rely on a greater number of separate systems to manage their internal activities–and relationships with customers–it is becoming more important to consider the experience a customer has with the business across all of these separate silos. These are not easy problems to resolve, but I believe that my jack-of-all-trades background equips me with a broad perspective and the skills to collaborate on and contribute toward meeting the diverse requirements in an enterprise-level project.