One set of hands behind it all

One of the things that makes a design look good is if it looks like it was created by one set of hands. This kind of cohesion is hard to get right, but it’s easy to see when it’s wrong. I do a lot of presentation design and it’s that problem you see where someone just grabs the first image that pops up on Google image search to prove their point. It may work, but the presentation as a whole looks sloppy and confused because you end up with a mix or image styles. Developing a cohesive looks takes time though, and it’s something I’m working on for myself. I created all of the icons in my header, and I just uploaded the icons for my RSS feed, Facebook, and Google+ links that you see at right.

So when you can create the full set of images yourself, or try to find a collection of images from a single creator so they look like they belong together. The extra bit of time you spend doing it will really pay off in the end.


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