The importance of not being the best

I have some innate skill in design, but I know that there’s a lot I can improve upon. One of the things holding me back is that on my small team I’m currently the best. I’m not challenged by new ideas because I’m currently the one with all the design ideas (at least the most vocal one). So how do you go on improving? Sure, I can take classes or read books, but I could probably learn more and more quickly by working with people who have different and better skills than me. Luckily my brother, a Ruby programmer, gave me a push to go to a local meetup. Even though we didn’t talk much shop, it was good to meet people in the field and helped me realize how beneficial it would be to work with people who could introduce me to new ideas and challenge me to improve.

Who challenges you? A coworker, mentor, someone you met through networking?


One thought on “The importance of not being the best

  1. Robin says:

    First, thanks for your comment on my blog. Second, we seem to be on a similar journey: looking to learn new skills and to be challenged by others. Good luck on your journey!

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