I’m going legit

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. I’ve made a few decisions though.

1) I’m going to care less about what “people” think. I’ll have better luck connecting with people if I just talk to them straight up, and worry less about carefully scripted copy. So I hope you enjoy the new sass.

2) I’m getting serious. If I really want to get into design I’m going to need to beef up my web presence. Step 1: I bought a domain! Ka-chow…check it out http://www.tmjbeary.com is all mine. Step 2: I’m branding myself. But not with something lame, with carefully hand-crafted designs, made by me! So hopefully you like the new header, it’s also my Facebook cover and I think I’ll work it into a business card design. Which brings me to Step 3: Get business cards. Networking in person is a little harder when you don’t have a business card to hand to the person. Plus I’m psyched about getting cards since I now have a sweet design to put on them.

3) I’ve been worried about generating a portfolio, but I actually have a pretty good body of work behind me. I stumbled upon it today on my old Google site — http://sites.google.com/site/tmjbeary — and it’s not half bad. I need to update it a little and transfer it here, but it’s a start!
Phew. Maybe this is enough for one night. I did that whole header design in Inkscape in about 2 hours. Not too shabby.


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