How many clicks?

In healthcare IT “click counts” are a big deal to physicians. They literally cheer if you announce that you’ve updated your interface so there are 20% fewer clicks to complete a workflow. Every time I hear someone talk about number of clicks I can’t help but roll my eyes. Clicks by themselves are a meaningless statistic, and really have nothing to do with usability. A user might click around many extra times if the interface is clumsy and they have no idea how to complete their task.

Anyway, rant aside, all of the talk of “how many clicks” brought to mind the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercial from my childhood. I thought it would make a funny t-shirt for software testers to show Mr. Owl destroying a computer with just 3 clicks. Here’s what I came up with using Inkscape. Maybe I should look into getting it printed, I think it turned out pretty well!


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