Gamer Wedding – Recap

In my original post about how my husband and I had a gamer wedding I promised to upload more photos and video. Well here you go! I made a series of three videos to showcase our wedding (don’t worry, the longest is only 5 minutes). They took me a while to finish, but I wanted them to have a high production quality. I had fun making them and got to learn/practice a variety of skills. You can watch them in any order since they all begin with a 10 second intro that provides context.

Tools that I used

  • Gimp: Photo editing, resizing, recolor
  • Inkscape: Create the “Couples that play together stay together” logo.
  • PowerPoint: Believe it or not, I created the majority of the videos using PowerPoint animations. With 2010 you can just save it as a .wmv file, including sound and animation.
  • Audacity: I haven’t done much with audio editing before, so it was fun to learn a few tricks. The most complicated part was the timing for the slideshow of games in part 1.
  • Windows Movie Maker: I used it because it’s free. Definitely not the most robust tool for video editing, and it suffers from some annoying usability problems, but it got the job done for the right price.

I’d love to hear your comments, both on the quality of the videos and on our geeky gamer theme.


6 thoughts on “Gamer Wedding – Recap

  1. Sandy says:

    Teresa, for someone like me, this is totally over my head….lol You already knew that, cause I’m an old fart…lol However, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. It was terrific! Congratulations kids!

  2. Susan Beary says:

    All three are excellent. You have learned a lot of skills! Nice explanation of decor and a generous endorsement of Morgan’s art work. So nice you have these videos as a permanent memory of the wedding. Susan

  3. DTI April says:

    Beautiful. I loved your vows and will definitely be taking inspiration from them. And all joking aside about sharing loot and not being angry about being a higher level and all that, you’re a better gamer than him right? 😉 xx

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